Applicant Support

Applicant Support Resources

Please note: Some of the following webinars are sessions held during the first two funding cycles for the MA Community Health and Healthy Aging Funds or sessions held by the Community Health Training Institute (CHTI). Dates and details mentioned in these webinars will be different for the current funding cycle. However, the information presented may be helpful to applicants as they develop their application.

Grant Writing & Application Submission

  • Navigating Application Portal & Developing an application | May 31, 2022 | Slides 
  • Understanding Application Questions & Activity template | June 1, 2022 | Slides 
  • Grant Writing | May 19, 2022 | Slides | Recording – This session provided general guidance around grant writing and application development techniques including suggestions for a basic planning process to support developing your grant proposal and other tips for the grant writing process.  

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Approaches

  • Policy, System, and Environmental (PSE) Change Approach Web page | Document This is a document that HRiA recently developed to help you understand the definition of PSE change and the process of creating a PSE change.
  • Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change (PSE) | May 26, 2022 | Slides | Recording | TranscriptThis session included a brief introduction to the concept of PSE change and specific examples of policy, systems, and environmental approaches.   
  • Preparing Your Community for Policy Change: Webinar recording by the Community Health Training Institute that describes how to engage stakeholders to promote PSE change, leverage local data and community voice, and present at a town hall or board meeting. 
  • Engaging Local Officials in Your Work: Webinar recording by the Community Health Training Institute that outlines policy, systems, and environmental change approaches and how to engage local officials. 

Health & Racial Equity

  • Health & Racial Equity | June 2, 2022 | Slides | Recording – This session discussed how to formulate and implement ideas that advance health and racial equity.  
  • The Groundwater Approach: A document from the Racial Equity Institute highlighting a metaphor to help individuals understand that we live in a racially structured society, and that that is what causes racial inequity.

Community Engagement & Partnerships

  • Community Engagement and General Q&A | June 6, 2022 | Slides 
  • Health Equity in Cross-Sector Partnerships: Webinar recording by the Community Health Training Institute that outlines cross-sector partnerships and how health equity work is strengthened when we work together. 

Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) Processes

Other Resources

Defining Community Need

  • Using Data to Tell Your Story: Webinar recording by the Community Health Training Institute that describes how to tell a compelling story with health data.  
  • County Health Rankings: A program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin which measure vital health factors by county.  
  • Community Commons: An interactive website maintained by the Institute for People, Place, & Possibility, highlighting maps and health data.  
  • Environmental Justice Populations: Environmental Justice (EJ) Population Data is derived from the 2019 American Community Survey based upon demographic criteria developed by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. 


  • Healthy Aging Data Reports: Reports that are designed to help understand older adults – their ages, living arrangements, health status, strengths, and vulnerabilities.  Comprehensive Community Profiles for every Massachusetts city and town are included, which detail individual and community health indicators, as well as statewide rates.