Massachusetts Healthy Aging Fund

The Healthy Aging Fund supports prevention efforts so that all older adults stay active, independent, safe, and involved in their community. The Fund aims to serve older adults of all abilities, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and economic statuses. The Healthy Aging Fund Advisory Committee established a Theory of Change for the Fund, which includes values, a vision, and outcomes.

Healthy Aging Fund Values:

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Healthy Aging Fund Vision: The Healthy Aging Fund resources contribute to equitable systems across sectors affecting community-level physical environments and social and economic conditions, ultimately leading to a better quality of life and health outcomes for older adults as they age in Massachusetts.

Healthy Aging Fund Outcomes

1) Equitable policies, systems, and environments across systems and domains* are responsive to the needs of older adults, their families, and caregivers. 2) The physical, social, and economic conditions that exist in communities where older adults live are improved. 3) Improved policies, systems, and environments lead to equitable opportunities for older adults to age in their communities while attaining the highest quality life possible.

*The World Health Organization (WHO) / AARP’s Eight Domains of Age-Friendly Communities are: transportation, housing, social participation, respect & social inclusion, civic participation & employment, communication & information, community support & health services, outdoor spaces & buildings. For more information on the eight domains, click here.

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