Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) Processes

A Community Health Improvement Plan (or CHIP) is a long-term effort to improve the health of a community. The CHIP is based on the results of a community health assessment (CHA), which studies the health-related needs and strengths of a community. CHIPs aim to respond to CHA results, bring together resources and stakeholders, and create a shared framework for community health. CHIPs coordinate strategies between different sectors and stakeholders. These include health care systems and hospitals, health departments, local government, community-based organizations, businesses, and residents.

The Community Health Fund will fund multiple awards to support the development and/or implementation of local and/or regional community health improvement planning processes.

Steps in Community Health Improvement Processes

Community Engagement. 1) Reflect and strategize. 2) Identify and engage stakeholders. 3) Define the community. 4) Collect and analyze data. 5) Prioritize community health issues. 6) Document and communicate results. 7) Plan implementation strategies. 8) Implementation strategies. 9) Evaluate progress.

Source: Adapted by HRiA from the Association for Community Health Improvement

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