Awardee Posters

The Inaugural 2020 awardees developed these posters for our first ever MA CHHA Funds Showcase and Celebration held in October of 2022. We held a poster session in which awardees could not only share about their work but also walk around and learn from others.  

You can filter the posters by funding opportunity by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the checkbox for the funding stream you are interested in.  

Awardee: Public Health Institute of Western MA | Funding Stream: Healthy Aging

MACHHA Fund PHIWM poster -final-min

Awardee: MA Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired | Funding Stream: Healthy Aging

MACHHAF-Funds-Poster MABVI-min

Awardee: LifePath | Funding Stream: Healthy Aging


Awardee: Hilltown CDC | Funding Stream: Healthy Aging


Awardee: Cape Ann Mass in Motion | Funding Stream: Healthy Aging

MACHHAF Poster for Cape Ann Seniors on the GO-min

Awardee: The Town of Ware | Funding Stream: CHIP

MACHHAF-Funds-Poster-Town of Ware-min

Awardee: The Town of Randolph | Funding Stream: CHIP

MACHHA-Funds-Poster-Randolph Community Wellness Project-min

Awardee: Pioneer Valley Planning Commission | Funding Stream: CHIP

PVPC Hampden CHIP Poster - CHHAF Convening - final-min

Awardee: Franklin Regional Council of Governments | Funding Stream: CHIP

MACHHA-Funds-poster- FRCOG-CHIP jra-min

Awardee: CHNA9 | Funding Stream: CHIP

MACHHA Funds poster CHNA9

MACHHA Fund PHIWM poster -final-min MACHHAF-Funds-Poster MABVI-min MACHHA-Funds-poster-LifePath MACHHA-Funds-poster-HilltownCDC-min MACHHAF Poster for Cape Ann Seniors on the GO-min MACHHAF-Funds-Poster-Town of Ware-min MACHHA-Funds-Poster-Randolph Community Wellness Project-min PVPC Hampden CHIP Poster - CHHAF Convening - final-min MACHHA-Funds-poster- FRCOG-CHIP jra-min MACHHA Funds poster CHNA9